eQVitalView Monitoring Software for Criticare 506DNB eQuality™

The eQVitalView provides dental offices with a way to digitally record patients' vital signs. Traditional monitors print on a strip of thermal paper, which degrades over time. The eQVitalView records patient information every five minutes and allows clinical staff members to continuously monitor the patient's health status on office computer screens throughout the dental treatment.

The eQVitalView stores patients' vital signs and notes for each sedation appointment. That report can be easily exported to patient records in the dental practice management software, where it can be accessed from any computer in the office. Not only does this cut down on the time and effort required to maintain patient files, but it eliminates wasteful paper printouts. With regulatory bodies presenting mandates for paperless charting by 2014, the eQVitalView provides an easy means of fulfilling requirements.

eQVitalView software integrates easily with your other equipment and software:

  • Designed to work with Criticare Systems eQuality Monitor.
  • Compatible with the following Windows Operating Systems:
    • Windows XP
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7 Support Coming Soon
  • Communicates with office laptops and desktops wirelessly via Bluetooth Technology.
  • Documents patient vital signs and log protocols and patient sedation status.
  • Exports case reports to common file formats.
  • Imports the sedation case into most practice management software.


  • 1-second refresh rate (the VSM sends a signal to the eQVV every second).
  • Store, organize and recall patient visit records with ease by using up to six different search fields:
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Previous Date(s) of Visit
    • Comments
  • Centralized storage of information by use of a server.
  • Record notes during the procedure, which helps streamline the recordkeeping process.
  • Visible alarms to help doctor recognize when patients are in distress.
  • Export records into several mainstream data formats, such as Excel. Import the Excel file into any Dental Practice Management (DPM) software that allows attaching and storing files with patient records.
  • Generate reports showing readings and clinician's notes from the patient's visit.

Package content:

  • Software
  • User Manual
  • Installation Manual
  • Bluetooth Dongle/Transceiver