GE B40 Vital Signs Monitor
GE B40 Vital Signs Monitor

GE PROCARE B40 Vital Signs Monitor

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The B40 monitor from GE Healthcare delivers all essential functions for a variety of care areas. It’s intuitive and simple features help you deliver excellent care with ease. Get clinical capabilities that fit your needs and budget—with the quality and reliability you expect from GE. With excellent GE algorithms, big and easy-to-read displays and electronic medical record connectivity. The B40 monitor provides monitoring solutions for special care settings from physician offices to surgery centers. Designed for the rigors of hospital use, the B40 monitor has versatile clinical capabilities to monitor a wide range of patients. Intuitive features make it easy to operate with minimum training. With high-quality GE design and engineering, this reliable device helps you provide patients with outstanding monitoring technology, while making the most of your budget.

Technical Specifications

Clinical excellence in patient monitoring

The B40 monitor provides comprehensive monitoring solutions at the point of care. It delivers a continuous flow of quality information to enhance clinical decision-making. Capable of monitoring adult and pediatric patients, this monitor is designed with advanced clinical measurement technologies, including proven GE algorithms, for accurate and reliable monitoring even in challenging conditions.

Key capabilities include:

  • GE EK-Pro arrhythmia algorithm with multi-lead simultaneous ECG analysis to optimize the detection of arrhythmia's and other cardiac events.
  • GE DINAMAP SperSTAT NIBP for fast, comfortable and highly accurate non-invasive blood pressure readings.
  • GE SpO2 for reliable, cost-effective oxygen saturation monitoring.
  • GE Datex-Ohmeda compact CO2 sidestream respiratory monitoring with new-generation infrared technology.
  • The B40 monitor makes it easy to acquire accurate patient data to support timely decision-making. It enhances the ease and reliability of monitoring with:

    • A 12.1 inch crystal clear display that allows you to see patients’ status at a glance, displaying up to six waveforms simultaneously.
    • One-button access to commonly used functions to increase efficiency.
    • Intuitive menus that reduce set-up time and minimize training needs.
    • 72-hour trend display with graphical and numerical data to review patient progress.
    • Advanced alarm system with preset limits to alert caregivers to critical situations.
    • Serial output for data capture.
    • Connectivity to your electronic medical record system through the CARESCAPETM Gateway Server.