Safe Sedate® N2O Nasal Masks, Small (case of 12)

Recommended by Dental Product Shopping 2012, Safe Sedate nasal masks are a leader in providing safe and efficient nitrous oxide to your patients through precise gas administration. Safe Sedate meets government compliance regulations for leakage and ensures the safety of your staff and patients.
Eliminate the risk of cross-contamination with masks that are disposable and perfect for single patient use. Designed to reduce nitrous oxide leakages, when used as directed the Safe Sedate nasal mask system has been tested and shown to significantly reduce the exposure of nitrous oxide in dental offices. This specialty system administers nitrous oxide exactly where it's needed, evacuating any residual gas that is not inhaled. Sedate your patients correctly the first time—every time with Safe Sedate. Case includes 12 small Safe Sedate nasal masks.