EZ-IO® Intraosseous Infusion System Kit

Product Description:

If You Administer IVs This Could Be The Most Important Message You Ever Read

Vascular access is a critical problem for 5%-10% of pre-hospital and hospitalized patients.

Sometimes a traditional IV is not enough. Veins can disappear, especially when the patient is suffering from severe shock and heart failure.

To address this problem, the EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System Kit was created.

Funded by the Airforce, the critical benefits of the EZ-IO are why it is carried on 95% of ambulances and around 85% of emergency departments(1). This life-saving device has an impressive 97% success rate (1).

Don't risk being unable to administer an IV.


  • Delivers fluid, medications and blood products directly into the vascular system with blood levels equivalent to IV administration
  • Insertion time in 10 seconds or less with easy removal requiring no additional tools
  • Effective and safe multisite placement
  • Small size and weight makes it an easy addition to emergency crash carts
  • Equivalent to the IV for effectively delivering fluid and medications

Reasons You Can Trust The EZ-IO:

  • Worldwide Resuscitation Guidelines recommend the EZ-IO as the first alternative to IV in cardiac arrest patients(3)
  • Funded by the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer Program
  • Supported by the AHA, ERC, and ILCOR
  • Recipient of The Wall Street Journal 2008 Technology Award
  • Over 3 million patients have been treated with an EZ-IO


  • The EZ-IO Kit contains a hand-held battery-powered driver, two adult 304 stainless steel needles, tubing, wristband, and a case.
  • Pediatric needles are available for an additional fee
  • Adult needles are for patients with weight ranges of 88 lb (40 kg) or greater and are specially designed with a beveled drill tip to penetrate the hard exterior of adult bones
  • Pediatric needles for weight ranges of 6-85 lb (3-39 kg) are shorter in length to compensate for the softer bones of pediatric patients.


"Company I work for has carried the EZIO for about two years now with the Adult and Pedi bits. We have EMR and over the past year, I’ve used the EZIO 13 times (pretty high cardiac arrest rate down here) with 12 successes (the one I missed on bent – I applied a little bit too much pressure on the drill). It’s really a boon, so easy to use. Have had three ROSC, one ROSC survived to discharge (EZIO used). Met patient a week later. She had a good sized bruise and small puncture but other then that no ill effects related to the insert." - medicmarch (2)


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