Safe Sedate N2O Nasal Masks (SM or LG)

Product Description:

12 Safe Sedate® masks per case. Two sizes available: Small or Large.

Delivers nitrous oxide with precision. Evacuates residual gas. Ensures staff and patient safety. No sterilization required. Comfortable patient fit.

Introducing the Safe Sedate dental nasal mask. It’s a single-use mask available in cases of 12.

When used as directed, the mask has been shown to significantly reduce nitrous oxide leakage. The result is that your dental office will be cleaner, healthier, and safer. Moreover, you’ll find it easier to comply with government regulations concerning nitrous oxide levels.


Patient Satisfaction

The Safe Sedate mask helps reduce dental anxiety, fear, even terror in patients. How? By delivering nitrous oxide with precision and accuracy. The mask sedates patients enough to relax them without exposing your staff to harmful leakage. A relaxed patient allows you to accomplish more, making each visit productive and profitable. The mask may even boost follow-up response rates and lead to new business referrals.


Patient Comfort

Adjustable and lightweight, the Safe Sedate mask allows for a secure fit without claustrophobic patient reactions. The lightweight mask sits comfortably on your patients face and allows them to move their head from side to side without changing the position of the mask or causing leakage. The masks are available in two sizes: small or large.


Patient Health

Single-use masks mean no risk of contamination between patients! No sterilization is required, freeing up your staff to do other tasks.


Staff Convenience

The Safe Sedate mask is intuitive and easy to use. Other nitrous oxide delivery systems are made of multiple pieces that take time to assemble and disassemble (let alone sterilize between each patient!). The one-piece, single-use Safe Sedate system is easy to set up and use, and simple to take apart and dispose of. That means you won’t frustrate your staff with yet another awkward, hard-to-use product.

The mask does not restrict patient movement or include intrusive hoses. Its slim profile allows for an expanded clinical view. The result? You’ll be able to get close to patients and position yourself comfortably for maximum efficiency. Additionally, the mask is short enough that it won’t impede your hands. That means you’ll be able to see and access all your patient’s teeth and surrounding areas.


A Superior Nitrous Experience

Nitrous oxide with Safe Sedate enables you to sedate your patients safely, easily perform necessary dental procedures, and accomplish more per patient visit. Your patients will thank you!

Watch the Safe Sedate in Action