Lexicomp® Online™ and On-Hand Bundle

Product Description:

Patients often think good dental health is as simple as a bright smile.
But dental professionals — from dentists and dental hygienists to periodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons — know that good dental health and high-quality patient care go far deeper than a grin full of pearly whites. Whether they realize it or not, the patient in the chair is counting on you to efficiently diagnose their conditions, then safely and effectively treat those oral health concerns.

That's why there's Lexicomp Online for Dentistry.

In a few easy clicks, Lexicomp Online for Dentistry provides industry-leading reference information and screening tools to help answer your prescribing, diagnosis and treatment questions. Your patients' safety is enhanced when you're backed by Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, with dental-specific pharmacology information on over 8,000 prescription drugs, OTCs and natural products, plus tools like an unsurpassed drug interactions screener and state-of-the-art lesion diagnosis aid.


With Lexicomp, you can look up information for the patient's prescriptions, OTCs and natural products.

Monograph fields range from pediatric, adult and geriatric dosing recommendations and common adverse reactions, to dental-specific information like Effects on Dental Treatment, Local Anesthetic/Vasoconstrictor Precautions, and Effects on Bleeding.

Run all of a patient's current medications PLUS the ones you want to prescribe through the interactions screening tool.

Generate recommendations of the best options from a class of drugs to avoid potential adverse reactions.

Review medication alerts.

Access all the valuable information of Lexicomp dental reference books within one convenient, time-saving online interface.

Brush up on or bolster your familiarity with procedures by viewing clinical videos.

Be confident that the Lexicomp content is updated daily, delivering the most current clinical and drug safety information available straight to your screen.