Safe Sedate® Starter Kit

Product Description:

Everything you need to successfully start using the Safe Sedate system for nitrous oxide delivery. Kit includes:

  • 1 case of Large Masks
  • 1 case of Small Masks
  • 1 Flowmeter Adaptor Kit
  • 1 Scavenger Adaptor
  • 1 MXR Cap

12 Safe Sedate® masks per case.

The Safe Sedate dental nasal mask is a single patient use, disposable nitrous oxide delivery system that will replace your existing standard nitrous oxide-rubber goods and nasal hoods—which can often be challenging and time-consuming to disinfect.

This innovation in administering nitrous oxide reduces leakages, meaning major benefits for you and your staff. When used as directed, the Safe Sedate dental nasal mask system has been tested and shown to significantly reduce the exposure of nitrous oxide in dental offices. The specially designed system administers nitrous oxide exactly where it’s needed and evacuates any residual gas that is not inhaled. The more precise gas administration helps you better meet government compliance regulations for leakage and also ensures the safety of your staff and patients.

Patient Comfort

Adjustable and lightweight, Safe Sedate allows for a secure fit without claustrophobic patient reactions. The lightweight mask sits comfortably on your patients face, allows for a clear line of sight and is latex free. Your patients are better able to relax and see what’s going on around them. As a result of a comfortable and secure fit, they’re able to move their head from side to side, without changing the position of the mask or causing leakage of nitrous oxide. Convenience Other nitrous oxide delivery systems are made of multiple pieces that can be difficult to assemble and don’t always fit well together. Safe Sedate is a one-piece system that's easy to use and reduces the outflow of nitrous oxide into your office. The adjustable mask is easily fitted to the patient’s face to ensure that nitrous oxide is delivered only to the nasal area. Because Safe Sedate does not restrict patient movement or have obstructive hoses; you’re able to comfortably position yourself for better access to the work area. Safe Sedate is also shorter in height than other systems so it does not get in the way of your hands. You can see all of the patient’s teeth and surrounding anatomy. The disposable design eliminates respiratory contaminations of tubing and allows for faster clean up and room turnover.

Growth for your practice

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), approximately 15 percent of the population declines dental treatment due to anxiety. Nitrous oxide with Safe Sedate nasal mask enables you to sedate your patients and easily perform necessary treatments. By helping your patients overcome their general fear of dentistry, you can accomplish more per patient visit and make better use of chairtime. A pleasant office visit for your patients means a positive referral, which helps build your practice. Anesthetize securely and efficiently with Safe Sedate.